The CubeOS software ensures the integrated and automated management of systems and flows within the intelligent factory.

Thanks to its scalable structure, it allows communication with production lines, palletizers, servomechanisms, etc., coordinating the movement of semi-finished goods and production assets through AGV – AMR; managing warehouse storage, up to the organization and optimized planning of production orders.

Based on the application needs of client companies and through its modules, it coordinates intralogistics flows and different automation systems, integrating both manual and automatic operations into the factory management system (ERP).

By supervising the entire solution in real-time, CubeOS ensures total traceability of the flow, maximizing plant efficiency and safety.

With the aim of providing a modular solution that can grow with the customer, CubeOS architecture is based on Microservices with integrable functionalities over time.



Central element of the architecture. Able to ensure fast communication and data exchange with all the modules that constitute the ecosystem, managing the configured production flow.


CubeCONNECT is the integration module of the CubeOS system for communication and control of all automatic systems installed in the plant used to automate production processes. The module allows complete integration with all systems provided by INDEVA SysDesign and also enables communication with third-party PLC and MES systems.


Artificial vision is an essential element for flexible and intelligent solutions, which is why the CubeVISION module has been included in the offering. It provides integrated management of 1D, 2D, and 3D vision sensors to adapt robot movements and flows to the state of the handled semi-finished products.


The CubeAPP is the module aimed at managing the individual automation process using the available production assets assigned to the specific process.


Interaction with automation, regardless of its complexity, must be simple and comprehensive, which is why CubeUI is the user interface (UI) designed to be simple and intuitive even when managing large and complex flows.


In recent years, advancements in both software (SW) and hardware (HW) have enabled the integration of artificial intelligence into automation processes. This integration occurs both for processing incoming inputs from vision systems and for optimizing mission planners for robots and AMR fleets. Furthermore, artificial intelligence, through CubeAI, is also utilized for predictive maintenance of the plant, leveraging the experience gained from all similar operating plants.

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