OUT OF BOX integration

All the automation software in a modular system ready to be configured and re-configured to perform the automatic cycle required for the automation. 
All the components of the machine: from the robot to the vision, through the gripper and the 4.0 interface in a single place that is always accessible and available (even remotely) through a simple browser. 


POWER in step with the future

CubeOS all the enabling technologies for automation 4.0 and beyound such as DIGITAL TWIN through ROS, Artificial Vision, real time management with EtherCAT, Artificial Intelligence and the most advanced connectivity find a home in CubeOS.

With CubeOS it is not necessary to write a line of code, everything is easily configured using special wizards for the most common operations such as:

  • Pick&Place also with palletization
  • Referencing QRcode
  • Robot guidance with Artificial Vision Inspection 
  • Inspection with Artificial Vision and Artificial Intelligence 
  • Optimization with Artificial Intelligence 
  • MES or ERP interfacing DataBase, OPC-UA, Json etc..
  • M2M interfacing EtherCAT, ModBUS, I/O etc..
  • Digital Twin simulation of the robotic system

APP for all your needs

CubeOS represents the operating system that runs on the CobotCUBE which guarantees the Pug&Play operation of all the APPs that make up the bricks to create the work cycle. A series of APPs are integrated into the standard CubeOS, while others are integrated on request with or without additional hardware depending on the type.

APP Pick&Place

APP External I/O Management + External Pneumetics

CubeCONNECT - APP MES Interfacing

CubeM2M - M2M Management APP

CubeVISION - APP 2D/3D vision with AI

CubeREF - APP Referencing withh QRCode

CubeAXIS - External Axis Management APP

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