In our company, safety comes first, in every activity we carry out and at every level.

SysSesign’s objective has always been to guarantee and increase safety within factories through cutting-edge logistics automation solutions. To this end, we continue to invest significant resources developing the most recent and proven developing the most recent and proven design techniques and structuring high-level training courses.
Automatically guided vehicles (AGVs) are moving systems that operate within a large area, including that adjacent to production lines, warehouses and loading docks. The interruption of the “line” does not necessarily stop the movement of the AGVS. Safety therefore becomes a priority element. To this end, SysDesign performs numerous activities before, during and after system installation.

  • Research and development activities to ensure that system and design methods are cutting-edge and created using the latest technologies;
  • Pre-sales analysis by System Engineers to carry out, based on specific customer requests (available space, logistics flows and, in the case of warehouses, SKU inventory/requirements), an initial assessment of the activities necessary to guarantee maximum safety for the customer interior of the plant;

  • Investigations at the customer’s factory in order to reduce possible risks;
  • Dedicated safety training programs to prepare the customer for best operational practices.

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