Ethical code

INDEVA SysDesign has implemented the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 ND Hs, therefore, approved an Organisation, Management and Control Model (MOG ex Model 231) and appointed the Supervisory Body with the task of supervising the functioning and observance of the MOG.
Furthermore, it has a Code of Ethics wgich is an integral and substantial part of the Model itself, as a charter of moral rights and duties which defines the ethical-social responsibility of all those who participate in the company reality.


With these tools SysDesign wants to prevent irresponsible or illicit behavior on the part of those who operate in the name and on behalf of the company, because it introduces a clear and explicit definition of ethical and social responsabilities towards the various internal and external stakeholders.
The directors, members of the supervisory bodies, all company staff and collaborators have the obligation to contact the Supervisory Body directly to report any behavior inconsistent with what is indicated in the Model and in the Code of Ethics, addressing the relevant correspondence directly by regular mail to:


INDEVA SysDesign Srl

Street Fortunato zeni 8, Body P Module 49-50-51

Rovereto (TN) 38068 – Italy 
Phone 0464 748050


It also guarantees confidentiality regarding the identity of those who sign and transmit information useful for identifying behavior that differs from what is foreseen in the procedures contemplated by the internal control system, by the Model and by the procedures established for its implementation.

Request more technical information, contact us by mail.

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