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With INDEVA SysDesign solutions, you are investing in a solid and reliable partner. Thanks to the Scaglia Indeva Spa network present worldwide, you will have the assurance of maintaining the performance of your production line in the long term.


Thanks to a highly professional team, INDEVA SysDesign follows all customers step by step, accompanying them during the evolution of the system, and ensuring precise and effective assistance from the Rovereto headquarters. The engineering and computer systems of INDEVA SysDesign have a lifecycle of over 10 years, during which various changes can occur: new market situations, as well as different production requirements from customers. The support service, following the after-sales, promptly responds to customer requests, helping companies maintain high value and operational capacity of the plants over time compared to the chosen solutions.




The training program offered by INDEVA SysDesign to its clients stems from the need to provide them with in-depth knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of INDEVA SysDesign technologies. Understanding and hands-on experience down to the smallest details of safety, functionality, and maintenance of the systems enable operators of clients who interact daily with INDEVA SysDesign systems to understand how and when to intervene in case of anomalies, thereby reducing plant downtime or, in the case of significant failures, facilitating communication with Remote Support.



In order to offer the customer a more effective on-site and remote assistance and support service, INDEVA SysDesign is evolving its system maintenance services. This includes corrective maintenance, which allows machines to alert INDEVA SysDesign technicians in real-time of the need for urgent intervention; preventive maintenance, which aims to prevent malfunction through actions guided by standard rules written by technicians, in the simplest possible version; and predictive maintenance through algorithms that leverage machine learning to recognize a possible future fault situation and report it in time. All of this is aimed at reducing or avoiding breakdowns and machine downtime, to ensure a system that remains reliable, performs tasks in line with current operational needs, and is safely managed by qualified operators.

Scaglia INDEVA GmbH
Wernau - DE

Scaglia INDEVA Spa
Bergamo - IT

INDEVA SysDesign Srl
Rovereto - IT

Scaglia INDEVA S.A.R.L.
Argenteuil - FR

Scaglia INDEVA Ltd.
Chesterfield - UK

Scaglia INDEVA Inc.
Charlotte - USA

Helsingborg - SE

Shanghai - CN

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